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Live Performance, Multi-Camera,
Motion Graphics

The most recent of over 10 performances edited for the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra since 2019.

Zoom Webinar, Motion Graphics

One of many virtual lectures edited for Fairfield University since COVID-19 became known to the world. I continue to edit these and live lectures. I've been editing live lectures since 2010.

Short Film (2021), Proxy Workflow

Co-edited in my spare time for a friend. Footage was native 4k, so a 1080 proxy workflow sped up the editing process. 

Short Film (2017), VO, Music,
Motion Graphics

Passion project created in my spare time. Gained plenty of experience working with stock footage for this project. 

30-Second Commercial, VFX,
Music, ADR

Personal contest entry. Not contracted by Doritos. Reused an effect from a music video I had made prior. See below.

Music Video, VFX, Music

Passion project made in my spare time. Gained a lot of experience with creating realistic motion paths and proper lighting to enhance the realisn of a visual effect.

Music Video, VFX, Compositing,
Chroma Keying, Music

Passion project made in my spare time. Very gritty, but relatively effective application of green screen and masking to place the characters in a composited world.

Short Film

My college thesis film. A crime drama that plays with the use of jump cuts and speedups to represent  mental short-circuiting. 

Short Film

My first short film. Made during the 2008 recession. Narrative editing that juxtaposes two characters who are trying to accomplish the same goal.

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